Sunday, October 7, 2007

Strip Poker

Materials Needed: Standard Deck of Playing Cards

Object of Game: To Get Naked!

Players: Group

How to Play

There are as many variations on how to play strip poker as there are types of poker games. Its usually a good idea to keep the game as simple as possible, but evaluate your group to determine the game.

The simplest method is to deal a standard hand of 5-card draw. The lowest hand removes one article of clothing, or all but the winning hand removes one article of clothing. If you want to get naked fast, the second method will move things along quickly.

Some variations include betting. This can be fun if you have some adventurous or competitive types in your group. If your playing 5-card draw, require that each player bet an article of clothing to draw. Only the winner keeps the bets. Or, if you have some Texas Hold-Em fans, take bets at each level of play. Going all in can be real fun on this one!

Have fun with this one and mix up the games. Allow buying back of clothing by doing sexual favors, taking a shot or doing a silly stunt.

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