Sunday, October 7, 2007

Adult Spin the Bottle

Materials Needed: Bottle

Object of Game: To have some sexy fun and get naked!

Players: Group

How to Play

This isn't the game you played in High School (or maybe it is, depending on where you went to High School!) Have everyone sit around a table with a bottle on its side in the middle. Determine who goes first by spinning the bottle. Whoever the bottle points to gets to spin first.

Spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle points to, that person has to choose their punishment. They can choose from the following punishments, but they can only choose each punishment once.

  1. Strip.
  2. Spin for a Kiss (and we're all adults here, so this means a real kiss!)
  3. Spin to Perform a Sexual Act. Determine the act beforehand or set some guidelines.
  4. Truth. The spinner gets to ask a question. If the group thinks the person is lying, the spinner gets to assign a punishment.

There are no losers here, so everyone is a winner! The game ends when everyone is so aroused or involved with each other, no one is paying attention to the game!

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