Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Adult-Theme Scavenger Hunt


Materials Needed: Instant or digital cameras; various props as needed.

Object of Game: To perform as many acts or gather as many items on a list of activities as possible. 

Players: As many as you want split into teams of 2-6.

This would be a fun activity to get couples acquainted before a Swinger Party or during a weekend getaway.  Use your local scenery as much as possible as you do not have to restrict the festivities to one particular household.  Have the game start in the early evening with everyone meeting back at the party at a certain time. 

Have a list of activities, items to collect and pictures to take for each couple or group.  The team with the most completed at the end of the night wins.

As always, please check with your local laws and don't do anything illegal!

Some ideas:

  • Pictures of flashing in public or by local landmarks
  • Performing sex acts in various locations in the house or in discrete public places
  • Pictures of the front of local strip joints (they probably won't let you take pictures inside, but who knows?)
  • An obscure brand of condom or lube that can only be found in a local truck stop restroom
  • Bras/panties/boxers from a stranger
  • A picture of a stranger flashing in public (extra points for that one)
  • Picture of each member of the team doing or giving a body shot
  • The raunchiest magazine the team can find.  The coordinator gets to vote on the most original and/or dirtiest magazine
  • Check for local celebrities in town (preferably headlining strippers or porn stars) and have the teams try to get an autograph.  Extra points for the autograph being on the person's body. 
  • A business card from a police officer/stripper/sex shop
  • A pen or other promotional item from the local "no-tell motel"
  • Pictures of the team in front of or in a local gay/lesbian bar

Any other suggestions???  I would love to hear some ideas in the comments. 


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Daedalus said...

1. Picture of a team member showing nudity (bare brests, ass, or better) with a fully dressed stranger. Bonus if team member is totally naked.

2. Picture of entire team totally naked. (Use a timer or get someone not on the team to take the pic, because everyone must be in it.)

3. Picture or video of a team member putting item(s) of clothing into a mailbox or other irretrievable location. Bonus points for each item as well as the relative importance of each item (pants count more than socks, etc.).

4. Photo of a stranger signing their name to the exposed body part of a team member.

Jennifer said...

Awesome suggestions. Thanks