Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Suck and Blow

Materials Needed:  A piece of paper, playing card, packaged condom or anything else that may be passed from player to player.

Object of Game:  To have fun and to kiss your neighbors!

Players: 6-8

How to Play

Players sit in a circle with alternating sexes (or not, depending on your preference!)  The first player will take a piece of paper or playing card and try to pass it to the player on their right using only their mouths.  If the card is dropped, players will end up kissing.  Play will then reverse order and the player will try to pass the card to the person on their left. 


  • Cut the card or paper in half every time it is dropped
  • Cut the card or paper in half every time it makes the full circle
  • Use other fun articles to pass between players.  Maybe a packaged condom, a marshmallow or a feather. 

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