Thursday, October 11, 2007

StripMan (Hangman)

Materials Needed: None

Object of Game: To guess the word or phrase.

Players: As many as are willing.

How to Play

Same rules as the classic Hangman, but with a sexy twist.  One player comes up with a phrase and writes it on a piece of paper, poster board or whatever is handy.  Players guess letters of the phrase.  If a correct letter is chosen, it is written in the proper place.  The player then has the option of guessing another letter or passing. 

If a letter is guessed and is not part of the phrase, the guesser has to remove an article of clothing or take shot.   If a player loses all his/her clothing, they are out of the game.  If a player guesses the phrase before getting naked, the player that came up with the phrase has to strip or do a sexy stunt. 


  • Vowels cost a shot
  • The phrase has to be something sexual or dirty
  • If someone guesses a phrase and is wrong, they have to strip
  • Winner chooses who has to strip

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