Monday, October 8, 2007

Never Have I Ever

Materials Needed: None

Object of Game: To get participants to confess to naughty activities and to bring to light some never before expressed fantasies.

Players: As many as you want.

How to Play

Each member of the group has to say, "Never have I ever..." some naughty action.  Anyone in the group who has done the action, has to either remove an article of clothing or take a drink.  If the entire group thinks that someone is lying, they can make the exposed liar take a drink, perform a stunt or flash the group. 

Just to keep things interesting, you may want to have a list of things that get pulled from a hat.  For instance:

Never have I ever...

  • Had sex in the back of a pickup truck
  • Had sex on the hood of a car
  • Been walked in on by parents/children/friends
  • Skinny dipped
  • Streaked
  • Left a party with someone else's clothes
  • Fell asleep during sex
  • Had a threesome/foursome/orgy
  • Been with the same sex
  • Had sex with more than three people in a 24 hour period
  • Had someone watch me have sex
  • Had sex outside
  • Had sex in a public place
  • Had phone sex
  • Given someone a fake phone number
  • Been kicked out of a bar
  • Been carried out of a bar
  • Been fined for indecent exposure
  • Done/given body shots
  • Flashed the camera on a roller-coaster ride
  • Had sexual fantasies about someone in this room other than my partner/spouse
  • Made out/had sex in a department store dressing room
  • Had sex in a national park
  • Fooled around in a picture taking booth

Extra bonus points to anyone who performs their "Never have I ever" action at the party!

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